About Us

 Striving to make the world a better place for neurodiverse individuals.

By providing training and support to businesses, schools and families.

Spark Hub is the place to be if you would like to gain support and training to be able to make a positive difference to neurodiverse individuals. I help schools and corporate companies be more inclusive in their environment enabling neurodiverse individuals to fill their full potential. I support teams to strengthen their connections by helping members to understand that all behaviour is communication. When teams understand eachother they can get the best from one another, improving productivity and profits. 

Would you love for your staff to feel confident and empowered knowing that they can understand the needs of everyone in their team and support them in a positive inclusive way?

Would you like to be able to nurture the unique thinking of those with dyslexia or ADHD to enable your business to have a competitive edge? 

Would you like members of staff to feel more at ease so they can become more productive and help your business grow, reducing sickness and stress days?

Would you like to see the neurodiverse children in your school engage in lessons and make academic progress?

Spark can help you be more productive, inclusive and save money.


For tailored support designed just for your environment then do get in touch to book an hours consultation with myself. I also offer 1:1 wellbeing classes to meet the exact needs of individuals, sessions cover managing anxiety, stress, confidence building as well as emotional regulation. Wellbeing sessions are beneficial to those aged 6-106.

To book these please email info@aiwmk.co.uk


PS: Spark hub, formally known as AIW Consultancy has won business awards for being the Best Community Business in Buckinghamshire 2019 and the runner up Best New Business in Buckinghamshire for 2018 and 2019. How amazing is that!

AIW Consultancy was awarded finalist at the Small Business National Grand Finals



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